573-880-2026 • stegenarts@gmail.com • 109 N. Main St., in the Historic District of Ste. Genevieve, Missouri

Wood Turning

Mark Wilding is a developing wood turning artist. Born in 1964 in St. Louis, Missouri, Mark took to art as soon as he was able to hold a crayon. Throughout his childhood, Mark developed an appreciation for his craft. He would often sit for hours with pencil and pad, or sit at the dining room table with watercolor and paper. Years of artistic expression made it clear that Mark’s life would be centered upon his passion for art. After high school, Mark, attending Kansas State University, Interior Architecture Program, would discover wood turning as part of a furniture design workshop class.  Mark would learn that wood turning was the perfect design experience.  While turning a piece of wood it is designed by every move you make instantly, no waiting for someone else to build your design, instant gratification and why wood turning is so addictive.

After college Mark was and is a Professional Interior Designer who specializes in contract furniture.  Years and years of sitting in front of a computer drawing the parts and pieces that create office cubicles for projects ranging from 1 to 5000 workstations while sketching, dreaming and planning the things he would design and make on his own.   After years of collecting tools he was on the verge of reigniting that passion he experienced back in college.  He had toyed with it off and on over the years, but nothing more than a random hobby.  Then the catalyst, a 40 year old mimosa tree in his back yard died and he had to have it cut down and removed.  When the price for removal was too much to swallow, he said, “Leave the tree, I can use that wood for turning”.  This started a six month stint of wood turning as his second job.  He spent more than forty hours a week in the workshop making sawdust, experimenting, learning, building confidence, dodging flying chunks of wood.  Now he is ready to show the world what he can do.

Mark’s Studio is called HOLZFURHAUS.  That is German for “wood for house”.  He needed a very unique name because if you google “Mark Wilding” on the internet you get pages and pages of the award winning writer for television’s “Grey’s Anatomy” by the same name.  Mark’s Grandparents, on both sides, were descendants of German immigrant farmers that settled in the rich soil of the Missouri River Bottoms near Herman, Missouri.  Holzfurhaus is in some ways a small tribute to them.

Mark’s work centers around taking wood, found along the road, stolen from his brother’s wood pile, grown in the back yard, or pretty much wherever he can find it, and turning it into a piece of three dimensional art.  A large percentage of his work features the natural edge of the wood.  This process brings the true beauty of form to life.  You can see more at www.holzfurhaus.com or you can shop at http://www.etsy.com/shop/holzfurhaus


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