573-880-2026 • stegenarts@gmail.com • 109 N. Main St., in the Historic District of Ste. Genevieve, Missouri

Music classes

Registering for classes is easy!

Piano: Thursday & ? ( soon we will offer 2 different days a week )

Vocal: Mondays & Fridays

Guitar: Saturdays & Thursdays

Call 573-880-2026, or fill out the following online form.

Please note that the online form is for class registration only. We do not take online payments at this time.

Once registration is complete, you will receive a call or email from the Center to set up a time with the teachers schedule.  Music lessons are $13.00 a half hour.

If enrolling online, be sure to include the following information within the text of your message:

1) Your name

2) email address

3) phone number

4) student’s name (if different)

5) and the class(es) you wish to take.

That’s it. After that, the Center will call to confirm.

If you register online and don’t hear back from the Center within 24 hours, please call us just incase there is an computer glinch. Computer glitches are rare, but do occur.


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